Právě si prohlížíte Terezín


Duration: 7 hours

Situated only about 50 minutes outside of Prague, Terezín was built by the Enlightenment ruler Josef II and although the building named after his mother Maria Theresa was supposed to be used for defence, it paradoxically became infamous first of all as a prison, and later during World War Two as a Jewish ghetto and concentration camp. Part of it is the Ghetto Museum, which presents an exhibition on the “final solution of the Jewish question” in 1941–1945. The exhibition was created in collaboration with former prisoners of the Terezín Ghetto and with the help of hundreds of documents, drawings, objects, letters and films about life in the prison. It is also a testament to the human will to survive, even in barbarous conditions, and the creative and artistic acts the people engaged in as a way to help them endure the situation. I recommend you to visit the Terezín Monument dedicated to the victims of the holocaust and pay your tribute at the monument to people’s indefatigable bravery and the will to live.

Nearby town Litoměřice

The historical city of Litoměřice spreads along the river Labe (Elbe) just a few kilometers from Terezín. Be sure not to miss the interactive exhibition on Czech winemaking in the newly reconstructed castle in the city center. You can also sample some of the wine here, of course. Once in the area of Northern Bohemia, I recommend visiting the Litoměřice town that is situated only 5 minutes by car from Terezín. I include it in the trip with Terezín because the Terezín visit can be emotionally challenging so it is nice to take a break to absorb the trip and I also know a great place to eat lunch in Litoměřice!

Reasons to visit: Terezín-  pay honor to the victims of holocaust and Nazi oppression. History not to be forgotten. Litoměřice – town with a beautiful town square and history going back to the 10th century, middle age underground – a visit can be arranged upon your request.

This tour price includes:  Pick up and Drop off at the hotel, transport in the Mercedes minivan, my personal service, service of the personal driver, bottle of water, visit of the Small Fortress and National Cemetery, Ghetto museum, Secret prayer hall, Magdeburg barracks, Crematorium and Jewish cemetery, walk through the Terezín town, time for lunch and visit of the Litoměřice town

The price does not include: meals, entrance fees (a lot of entries are free or low cost – between 5-15 USD per ticket)

1 - 2

  • 365 USD
  • 320 EUR

3 - 6

  • 385 USD
  • 340 EUR

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