10 reasons why Prague is your ideal travel destination:

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Here are the top 10 reasons why Prague is your ideal travel destination!

1) City of unique architecture and UNESCO heritage site

Prague is literally a textbook of architecture. Take a stroll down any street in this compact capital city and you find yourself surrounded by centuries of different architectural elements – this is what makes the city of Prague so intriguing for lovers of history and architecture. Explore Prague today and see the uniqueness, I guarantee these majestic palaces, castles, and houses will not disappoint – where else can you witness Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, Art Nouveau, Cubist, Functionalist and Communist Era architecture in one go? Only in Prague – the world’s capital of architecture! Among other criteria, this is for sure why the historical center of Prague was added to UNESCO list in 1992.

2) Compact and well preserved historical center

The historical center of Prague is very compact, bounded on three sides by a wide loop of the river. You don´t need to travel far within the city to reach most of the sights. The city center is spread over four historical towns – the Old town, New town, Castle town and Lesser town that are situated one next to another. The historical sights are very well preserved and that is also because of the fact that Prague was not bombed as much as other cities of Europe.

3) City of culture – music, theatre, art, cinema

Every day in Prague take place many cultural events. Prague ´s nickname is Paris of the East and that´s for sure also thanks to the variety of music, theatre or art events. Prague is a city where you can attend every night a concert, theatre performance, opera. The permanent and temporary exhibitions are also numerous. The theatres offer a wide range of shows from the drama and comedies to the typical Prague Black light theatre which interacts with spectators via music, expressive dance, and its specific formal means, without having recourse to spoken words. Black theatre has a characteristic tinge of elusive mystery which you won’t find in any other art form, and which is accessible to everyone, irrespective of cultural differences.

4) Unique restaurants and cafes

The city of a hundred spires has a proud history of serving its nation’s cuisine, including favorites such as for example beef goulash with dumplings, roasted pork with sauerkraut and potato dumplings. With the regional fare certainly a highlight of dining in Prague, a great number of superb international eateries have touched down to become Prague’s best restaurants in recent years. The cafe culture is also very rich. Each Prague cafe is a little different. Prague’s most famous cafes were favorite meeting places for intellectuals, writers, and artists; they cultivated a culture at the turn of the century that catapulted their reputations into the international sphere. These are historic establishments with the decadent decor, delicious desserts, and extensive drink menus. Prague’s modern cafes may not have been patronized by Einstein or Kafka, but they can offer great views, excellent coffee, or grab-and-go convenience.

5) Reasonable prices

Prague prices of the services (tourist services, entry fees, restaurants, accommodation) are very reasonable. Compared to other European major cities such as Paris, Rome, London, Munich, Barcelona, Venice, it is almost half the cost. One of the reason is that the Czech currency „Koruna“ (CZK) against the euro, the dollar, and the pound is very weak. Another reason is a lot of competition among hotels, restaurants, and services in general. The prices also have to correspond to the local salaries that are not as high as in western Europe. In Prague, you can have a nice dinner in a high-quality restaurant paying about 70 USD for 2 people.

6)Children friendly

Czech people are family-oriented, and there are plenty of activities around the city for children. An increasing number of Prague restaurants cater specifically for children, with play areas and so on, and many offer a children’s menu. There are a lot of outdoor activities for children such as playgrounds in the city center or Petřín hill where is a range of diversions, from the lookout tower and observatory to the mirror maze and funicular train. Prague ZOO is said to be one of the best in Europe and could easily keep your kids busy for one entire day. In summer (generally April to October) you can hire rowing boats and pedalos from several jetties dotted around Slav Island, and splash around on the Vltava and much more!

7) Green city

Prague is a city that belongs to the one the greenest cities in Europe. Being a city with over one million of inhabitants where are a lot of business centers, it is still very green. There are parks, gardens and vineyards everywhere in the town center. That makes the town very pleasant and fresh and nice to walk around in the summer or in any season of the year. A lot of parks offer unique views, beer gardens or wineries where you can sit and enjoy a pleasant gathering with friends.

8) Famous movies were filmed in Prague

Does Prague seem familiar to you? Maybe you have seen it in a famous movie! In a lot of movies, Prague did not represent itself but was dressed in a coat of a city like Paris, Vienna, London or New York. Thanks to the variety of architecture it is easy to evoke atmosphere of for example middle age Paris or 19th century Victorian London! In Prague was filmed Amadeus, Mission Impossible 2 and 4, James Bond Casino Royal, From hell, Chronicles of Narnia, Les Miserables, Illusionist, Anthropoid and many others. Meet the places of the famous movie scenes.

9) Delicious beer

Prague and the Czech Republic is a paradise for beer lovers. Some of the most famous beer brands are produced here, for example the Pilsner or Budweiser beer. The last mentioned one has nothing to do with the American version though. You can learn more in one of my tours. The beer mug was always present at the important historical events, cultural representants conversations, revolution and all the celebrations. The big plus is the beer is very reasonable priced, in a lot of menus you find the price of a beer cheaper than the one of a bottle of water! The uniqueness comes from the special Czech hops, clean water, and the longlasting tradition.

10) Safety

„According to the Global Peace Index (GPI), Czech Republic has become the 6th safest country from all over the world (out of the 163 monitored nations).“

Prague is a safe city where you don’t have to be worried walking alone in the evening. There are a lot of lights everywhere in the historical center and a lot of parts of the city center is monitored by safety cameras.g

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