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Esoteric Experience

Duration: Flexible

Our country has a very rich history crossed by the different cultures and commercial routes. There have been merchants and troops from all corners of the world travelling through as well as pilgrims with their deep thoughts, contemplating the secret of life and that of the entire world. On our territory once lived the Celtic tribes called Boii and after them, part of our country was called Bohemia. After Celts came Germanic and then Slavic tribes. The pagan traditions mixed with the Christian ones and created rich energetic lines. Bohemia and Moravia often played a key role in the spiritual life of Europe. The history went through a lot the spiritual struggles, the conflicts regarding the purity of faith, and the knowledge of that mystery of life and the world. Along with the Christian cultures mixed the Jewish one which always played an important role in our history. Our country, Prague especially, was once center of the alchymists working on their spiritual growth. As a testament to the times of building and destroying, of fighting and peace are the architectural jewels such as cathedrals, monasteries, schools, churches, prayer rooms, synagogues, cemeteries, or just small chapels, conciliation stones or crosses in the fields. They are witnesses, and the signs of the ancient human desire to touch the mystery and find the answers to our questions. We can once again go back to these paths and crossroads, and together seek out the stories which were almost forgotten. Touch the ancient stones, buildings and statues which for centuries witnessed historical events and the stories of the Czech folks.

Reasons to visit: a desire to work on your spiritual growth, interests in a special and unusual experience, esoteric sciences, alchemy, magic, even a short stay in energetically significant places, has a calming effect on the mind.

To meet your expectations, the duration and price will be set individually upon your request based on your interests. These visits can be realized as a one day trip or a more days trip.

The tour price includes: Planning of the individual programme of the tour, pick up and drop off at the hotel, transport in the Mercedes minivan, my personal service, service of the personal driver, bottle of water, visit of a small glasswroks company, visit of the chosen sights, visit of the surrounding little town, time for lunch and cofee break.

The price does not include: meals, entrance fees (a lot of entries are free or low cost – between 5-15 USD per ticket)

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