Právě si prohlížíte Prague Magic City

Prague Magic City

Duration: 3 hours

Where else than in a city with more than 1000 years of history you could be overwhelmed with magic stories and legends?  In every corner waits for you some ghost story. Did you know that in Prague lived the templar knights and freemasons? The city is crossed by strong energy lines. Book my Prague Magic City tour and I will show you all the magic spots. I recommend booking this tour in the evening around 5 or 6 pm as the city gets more magic in the darkness.

The tour price includes:

  • My local expertize
  • Historical background
  • 12 years experience in guiding
  • Personal and local recommendations (shops, restaurants, museums etc)
  • Personal assistance during your stay (my availability on the phone or email)
  • Link on the page where you will find my suggestions of good dining places, local shops, museums, and events
  • Pick up at the hotel or any other agreed place
  • Drop off at the hotel or any other agreed place

No entrance fees are included. Most of the sights have free entry or are very reasonable (usually around 4-12 USD)

1 - 2

  • 120 USD
  • 110 EUR

3 - 8

  • 150 USD
  • 130 EUR

9 - 15

  • 205 USD
  • 180 EUR

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