All my tours are private and customized. The suggested itineraries can be changed according to the clients’ wishes. My tours are flexible The duration is set as per my experience but it can be adjusted and always depends on the pace of the clients, their interests, and preferences. All the details will be discussed ahead per email and the tour itinerary will be prepared accordingly to the clients best contentment. I will create every itinerary with a personal care checking all the updated opening hours or any other details needed for your visit. My tours do not include entrance fees if not specified otherwise. A lot of sights are opened for free or for a lowcost entrance fee. During my tours I show you around the main historical sights but always include something extra that usual tourists miss such as little hidden streets, modern artworks, passageways and other off the beaten paths details.

Prague is an ideal city for walking. It is very compact and easy to navigate. If you get tired while walking, I can always call you a reasonable taxi service, we can use the public transportation or I can arrange a private vehicle if available at the last moment.


I highly recommend my Prague driving tours. A driving tour is an ideal choice for those who want to do sightseeing in a comfort. Having a car can be especially suitable for the hot summer days, rainy or cold winter days but even in a pleasant weather, a car is a great option as you can enjoy the presence of two professionals – a licensed driver and guide showing you around. If you have a limited time in the city or a walking issue, or you just prefer the car comfort then go for my Prague driving tours! I use mainly the services of the drivers with Mercedes minivan. If requested, I can also arrange a sedan car. I provide all the driving tours in the standard of a minivan Mercedes VITO Tourer or also in the Mercedes V-class or S-class that corresponds to the high luxury standards. Your preference will be discussed by email. The prices on my website are set for the Mercedes VITO Tourer.


General info:
The Czech Republic is called „the heart of Europe“ thanks to its position right in the center of Europe. That is why it played an important role in the history of Europe, being used as the crossroad of the commercial routes leading throughout Europe. The powerful kings had built many castles and chateaus to protect the borders and to control the area of the Czech kingdom. Those are scattered across all over the country. Apart from the historical sights, such as castles, churches, monasteries and little villages, the Czech countryside is formed by the beautiful scenery of mountains, rivers, lakes, and highlands. I invite you to join when of my countryside tours to get to know the areas outside of Prague personally. All my tours are flexible and tailor-made. If you didn’t find the destination you wish to visit among my tours, do not hesitate to contact me and I can prepare a special itinerary for you. If you wish to do you a road trip around the Czech Republic with everything included? I can create for you a tailor-made trip with full service. I will assist you, guide you and také care of all the accommodation, food facilities and other services connected with your visit.

All the tours are realized in luxury Mercedes Viano minivan in my company and company of the professional driver. If you request it, I can book for you also a sedan car or high luxury version of Mercedes – V class minivan.

All my tour countryside trips always include:

  • My local expertize and personal service
  • Historical background
  • 12 years experience in guiding
  • Personal and local recommendations (shops, restaurants, museums etc)
  • Personal assistance during your stay (my availability on the phone or email)
  • Link on the page where you will find my suggestions of good dining places, local shops, museums, and events
  • Service of a Mercedes Viano car (or sedan car if requested) or Mercedes V class (if requested in advance, to consult the price please contact me)
  • Personal Driver services
  • Bottle of water
  • Pick up at the hotel or any other agreed place
  • Drop off at the hotel or any other agreed place

No entrance fees are included. Most of the sights have the free entry or are very reasonable (usually around 4-15 USD). No meals are included.

Please note that some of the sights, especially the castles, are not opened in the winter or have a different opening time. It is still possible to visit a lot of these places even in the winter, thanks to the beauty of the town and the exteriors. During our email communication, I will always inform you about these details.