Právě si prohlížíte Prague living art tour

Prague living art tour

Duration: 4 hours

My Prague art tour offers a really unique experience. I will show you around the Prague famous modern art galleries and also enable you a visit of an atelier of famous Prague contemporary artist according to your choice. You can write me about your art preferences and I will design for you a tailor-made art tour. Become an art insider and meet a local artist.

The tour price includes:

  • Meeting of a contemporary artist of your choice in his atelier
  • My local expertize
  • Historical background
  • 12 years experience in guiding
  • Personal and local recommendations (shops, restaurants, museums etc)
  • Personal assistance during your stay (my availability on the phone or email)
  • Link on the page where you will find my suggestions of good dining places, local shops, museums, and events
  • Pick up at the hotel or any other agreed place
  • Drop off at the hotel or any other agreed place

No entrance fees are included. Most of the sights have free entry or are very reasonable (usually around 4-12 USD)


1 - 2

  • 220 USD
  • 190 EUR

3 - 8

  • 280 USD
  • 250 EUR

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